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War of Worldcraft [PDF]

War of Worldcraft [PDF]

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Robots attack a sales event for the world's hottest online superhero roleplaying game. Now players are falling unconscious at their computers. Can your superheroes find a supervillain inside a computer game, fighting their way past numerous virtual threats, so that they can free the minds of thousands of trapped players? War of Worldcraft is an introductory adventure for 4 to 8 superheroes at 400 to 500 points. It requires the HERO System 6th Edition rulebook. Inside are detailed write-ups: * attack robots * digital villains * transforming vehicles * a geared-up gadgeteer * a laser-iffic superthief * ...and the villain behind it all Inside are useful maps and tables: * a large shopping center * an "abandoned" warehouse * an extensive list of breakable objects

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