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The Sands of Time [PDF]

The Sands of Time [PDF]

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Fate Plays Strange Tricks...

It looks like a pretty small matter at first. Apparently, there’s a particularly brutal, violent outbreak of super-powered industrial espionage.

Appearances really can be deceptive. Soon, the heroes are pursuing a strange and devious enemy through a maze of clues and underlings. From the inner cities of the USA to burning deserts, haunted jungles — and somewhere even stranger — the hunt is on.

The heroes need answers. Because the Sands of Time are running out, and no one can reverse that flow.

Or can they?

The Sands of Time is a multi-session scenario for a team of four to eight Champions superheroes of almost any power level. It includes details of no less than three new superteams, plus other organizations, groups, places, and NPCs.

And it could be the strangest thing ever to happen to your heroes.

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