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The Strike Force Archives [ZIP]

The Strike Force Archives [ZIP]

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The Strike Force Archives: over 800 megs of Aaron's original material retrieved by Jason Walters with the assistance of the Allston Estate. (The original recovered material was a 600 MB zip file, which unpacked itself into 872 MB with over 5,800 items.) Edited and organized by Strike Force co-author Michael Surbrook, it includes an introduction and an index to this vast collection of newsletters, artwork, blue books, character sheets, notes, and other materials.  

Note From Archivist Michael Surbrook: There are exactly 956.5 MB's of material in the directory containing the archives. And 6,928 items. I organized it all, as well as cleaning up file and folder names. Also, two 2,000-3,000 pages PDFs are in this archives, containing information on over 25 years of RPG sessions from multiple campaigns!

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