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Pretty Hate Machines [PDF]

Pretty Hate Machines [PDF]

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Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone...

Mr. Hideous is the ugliest man in the world. He has come to the city to make everyone as ugly as he is. Getting beat with that Ugly Stick is gonna hurt. Only your heroes stand in his way.

Pretty Hate Machines is an adventure for four to six experienced HERO System characters of 450 - 550 points. It requires the HERO System 6th Edition rulebook to play.

Inside are detailed write-ups:
  •     a supervillain and his gang
  •     attack and getaway vehicles
  •     dangerous battlefields
  •     poisons, toxins, and dangerous chemicals
  •     fires, explosions, and mayhem
  •     an extensive list of breakable objects
 Inside are useful maps:
  •     a convention center
  •     a warehouse
  •     a condominium
  •     a refinery
  •     a hangar
  •     a street section
 Things are about to get ugly!

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