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Kazei 5 Second Edition [Print+PDF]

Kazei 5 Second Edition [Print+PDF]

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Technology is making man obsolete. The choice is yours: upgrade or die.

Want to be stronger? Faster? Smarter? You can, provided you’re willing to pay the price… your humanity.

Cybernetics allow you to punch harder, shoot straighter, run faster, and even think better. And if that’s not enough, you can become a full-conversion cyborg, sacrificing mere meat for cutting-edge machine.

You might opt for a genetic upgrade, a reworking of your DNA with the intent of “fixing” all of nature’s mistakes. Or you might be a replicated human, vat-grown and computer-designed for a specific purpose.

Still not satisfied? You can take on the role of an esper, a living weapon with powerful psychokenetic abilities.

Kazei 5, Second Edition presents an original near-future campaign setting designed for use with the HERO System 6th Edition ruleset. Created by the author of The Asian Bestiary (Volumes I & II) and Ninja Hero, Kazei 5 is a setting that’s been a decade in the making. Enter a world of cyborgs, cybernetics, genetic enhancement, and replicated humans, where the entire idea of what it means to be a normal human is in question.

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