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Golden Age Champions Secret Files [PDF]

Golden Age Champions Secret Files [PDF]

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Forty pages of characters, setting information, notes, and adventures that didn’t make it into the pages of Darren Watts’s Golden Age Champions. Darren has been taking copious notes over twenty years of running Golden Age Champions campaigns with dozens of players, and on opposite ends of the country (San Francisco and New York, respectively). These additional notes were simply too large to fit into a single volume, with GAC itself coming in at over 300 pages!

Thus we present you with a variety of material dépareillés we would have liked to have completed and included, but could not. Together it forms an excellent snapshot of a Golden Age Champions campaign as a work-in-progress. In some cases, such as the description of the demonic villain Mardoom-Thah or the music of the 1940’s, there are merely notes or incomplete sketches; but it’s still a wealth of valuable and interesting information! The contents breaks down into three sections: The Justice Squadron, 1940’s American Society and Culture, and Mini Campaign. For the latter section (a two-part mini campaign) At the Top of the World is nearly complete, while Attack of the Aesir remains a brief (but useful) outline.

Enjoy! And remember: they weren’t called the greatest generation for ‘nuthin!

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