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Foxbat for President [PDF]

Foxbat for President [PDF]

  • $ 9.95

The Mighty Foxbat is a loony supervillain, who never really hurts anyone in his strange plans. Now, he's gotten enough signatures to allow him to run for the highest office in the land, still in his mask. While honored, the opportunity comes as a surprise to him. But then, who's really behind it, and why?

This is a Champions adventure for 4 to 8 players at 350 to 450 points. It requires the HERO System 5th Edition rulebook, as well as Conquerors, Killers, & Crooks, and DEMON: Servants of Darkness.

Inside are detailed write-ups:
  •     Leroy, the Exo-Skeleton Man
  •     Harmonious Fist
  •     Charly
  •     Agents One, X, and Orange
  •     Secret Service agents
  •     the master villain behind it all
  Inside are useful maps:
  •     a downtown street scene
  •     a suburban home
  •     a brownstone manor
  •     a hospital
  •     a prison yard
  •     a large cavern

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