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Breakdown [PDF]

Breakdown [PDF]

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Breakdown is a roleplaying game centering on heroes in crisis, modeled on fiction such as 9-1-1, Blade Runner, Brazil, E/R, Fahrenheit 451, House, "Life During Wartime", and Max Headroom,

Our heroes are self-sacrificing ER workers, crusading journalists, hardened firefighters, rogue patriots, righteous hackers, and other impassioned protagonists struggling with tides of inhumanity and their own inner demons.

Breakdown gives you the tools to fuel these heroes with deep motivations, strong connections, accelerating drama, and unexpected twists. Two settings are provided (and you are free to make your own): a typical modern big city; and a near-future crumbling "Big Brother" dystopia.

Play action, play deep, play Breakdown!

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