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Collecting Contemporary Toys for fun

Collecting Contemporary Toys for fun

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Why collect toys? After all, there are thousands of different types of things that people collect for either investment purposes or just for enjoyment. Now, personally I haven't seen very many people do well in long term investments in collectibles of any kind. (Even though I have included in this book some of the attributes that tend to make toys more or less desirable and collectible.) So, I think that the major reason for any kind of collection or hobby is personal enjoyment, and by extension, sharing this enjoyment with other people, possibly your children or grandchildren. And if the best reason to collect anything is for enjoyment, or simply put, to have fun, then toy collecting, particularly collecting modern or contemporary toys, is a great hobby. I wrote this book because in 40 years of toy collecting it has never failed to entertain me, grab my imagination, or cheer me up on gloomy days. I'm hoping to pass on that sense of wonder, excitement, and fun to everyone who reads it. Further, a fun, interesting collection of modern toys can be achieved over time on almost any budget. Toys are ideal as conversation starters in the modern home. They can be displayed in unusual and creative ways, using otherwise empty or dead space. From an interior design perspective, toys have several traits to recommend them, also to be discussed in the book. They remain a timeless source of fun, and through the fun of collecting children and adults can learn, or be reinforced in, a variety of life skills including budgeting, honesty, and sustainability. I hope you'll find the ideas and commentary in this book as much fun to read and share as I did to write.

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