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Champions Character Creation Cards [ZIP File]

Champions Character Creation Cards [ZIP File]

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Ever want to play Champions but can't because your friends feel that the character creation process is too long? Champions Character Creation Cards (or CCCC) are here for you! This printable deck of cards is designed to make the process of creating Champions 6th Edition characters fast, fun, and simple. The deck consists of the following 54 color-coded and numbered cards which also have helpful archetype symbols to help make coherent character creation more intuitive. The deck contains the following cards:

6 Characteristics Cards (Blue)

10 Complications Cards (Black)

10 One Hundred Point Ability Cards (Red)

13 Fifty Point Ability Cards (Yellow)

13 Twenty Five Point Ability Cards (Purple)

2 Information Cards (Green)

Characteristics Cards: Determined!, Dexterous!, Fast!, Smart!, Strong!, Tough!  

Complications Cards: Achilles Heel, Alien, Answerable, Arch-Enemy, Bull in a China Shop, Love Interest, Mistrusted, Mutant, True Blue Hero, Undersea Dweller  

25-Point Ability Cards: Breathes Underwater, Combat Claws, Detective, Invisibility, Flight, Marksman, Master of Combat, Stretching Powers, Super Leap, Super Running, Super Strong, Super Vision, Tough Guy Fisticuffs  

50-Point Ability Cards: Base and Vehicles, Comic Book Ninja, Energy Blast, Forcefield, Intangibility, Returning Throwing Weapon, Scientist!, Teleportation, Theme Weaponry, Size Alteration, Super Bow and Arrows, Utility Belt Super Pill  

100-Point Ability Cards: Elemental Powers, Ice Powers, Invulnerable, Mystic Master, Power Ring!, Powered Armor, Psionic, Robot, The Gun Locker, Undead

These are further distinguished by informative symbols, suggesting to a novice player how a coherent character might be made by matching cards symbol-to-symbol. They are:



Everyhero (meaning universal)


Martial Artist






Additionally, cards are numbered to allow the game master or player to select matching numbered files from the CCCC Hero Designer Character Pack (or CCCCHDCP) and plug them into Hero Designer to create their hero! This character can then be customized, balanced, or otherwise altered to more specifically meet the player's needs.

It's worth mentioning that this deck is designed to produce a point averaged 400 point standard superheroic 6th Edition Champions character. This means that the actual point value of the Ability assigned to a card may be, in actuality, slightly higher or lower than the card indicates. Don't be overly concerned. Roll with it! This problem can be solved later using Hero Designer. Or not at all, as it won't affect game play in any measurable way for a novice player.  

And speaking of novice players: this product is really for them, as well as for more experienced players and game masters looking for a tool to help convince reluctant gamers to try Champions. To help those who are new to the Hero System (Champions) jargon, one side of the card contains a simple explanation of what the card does, the other statistical rules information (or “writeups.”) In cases where the writeups are too large to fit on the card, additional information is provided by card number in the electronic portion of the product.   

AND speaking of this electronic product, it contains not only additional, expanded card descriptions and HD files, but also a print-suitable version of the card deck so the purchaser can print additional decks or cards at home when needed.

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