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The Dog-Boy of Westminster: Savage Worlds Edition

The Dog-Boy of Westminster: Savage Worlds Edition

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The streets of London are teeming with orphaned and abandoned children. Why does one small girl going missing make a bit of difference? Something lurks in the shadows of Westminster, something inhuman. Perhaps the traveling freak-show that has just come to town has some of the answers…

The Dog-Boy of Westminster is a short adventure for The Widening Gyre: A Savage Steampunk Setting. Guide a team of 4-6 Seasoned adventurers as they search for a lost child and uncover a terrifying secret. This PDF contains a full adventure for a Savage Worlds steampunk game, including a new master villain and a dozen freaks and geeks to challenge your players.

To run this adventure, a GM should have a copy of the Savage Worlds core rules and The Widening Gyre.

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