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Aaron Allston's Strike Force [Print+PDF]

Aaron Allston's Strike Force [Print+PDF]

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A superhero setting like no other. A role-playing game campaign book that includes techniques and lessons from over 22 years of play. A tribute to one of the greatest creators in the RPG industry, created using Champions 6th Edition.

In 1988, Aaron Allston released Strike Force, a supplement detailing the first eight years of his superhero campaign. Noted for its extensive and highly-influential advice to gamemasters on how to run a long-term campaign, Strike Force was a landmark RPG publication.

We have now released an updated version of this classic book for the 21st Century. Aaron himself was designing this new edition of Strike Force before his untimely death, and we wanted to bring his work to life as a monument to Aaron's lasting influence on the RPG hobby. This  updated Strike Force sourcebook includes never-before-seen material detailing Aaron's multiversal superhero setting, compelling characters and villains, and updated and expanded advice from Superhero RPG veterans like Steve Kenson and Sean Patrick Fannon for how to run a campaign using "the Strike Force method."

Aaron Allston's Strike Force is a 200-page, 8.5" x 11" hardcover, full-color book with attractive page designs and great illustrations that comes shrink-wrapped. The electronic portion of this product includes character write-ups for Mutants & Masterminds and ICONS.  

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