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How To Make Big Money In The Flea Market Business

How To Make Big Money In The Flea Market Business

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A new kind of flea market is taking root. One in which ordinary people buy a permanent booth in a storefront, stock it with merchandise, and let the staff at the front counter take care of the rest, like a consignment shop. Many people use this arrangement to make a good living, but it's not as easy as it might look.

Moe Foster has owned over a hundred stalls at dozens flea markets. His experience can save you hundreds of dollars. There are several steps to keep in mind when picking and setting up your booth and your merchandise.

Inside, you'll learn:
• how to build and maintain your booth
• how to display your goods
• what to sell
• what to buy
• when to sell it

Moe covers everything he has learned over his years in the flea market. You will not stay in this business if you don't make money soon, and this book can help you get off to a running start. Many people get into the indoor flea market business, without knowing two things about it. You will save the cost of this book before you spend your first dollar on inventory or spend your first hour of time.

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